Lessons from the Trenches

Entrepreneurship is tough. We hope our lessons help you as much as they’re teaching us.

Your necessary distraction

Young and emerging companies need fuel. Let’s agree that you and your team are passionate and loaded with adrenalin, so we’re not talking about that kind of fuel. We’re talking cash. How are you going to do it? Are you the type that wants to get it over with, raise... read more

Hand me a Chair.

If you are a control freak even the title will scare the heck out of you.  If you’re smart, you’ll take a good hard look at the value of this position.  Not all Chairs are created equal. Non-executive Chair positions are non-operational, serve as intermediaries... read more

7th Inning Stretch in Your Career?

7th Inning Stretch in your career?..I’m leaving my (safe) job for my (scary) start-up. Ignyte has the great privilege to work with seasoned entrepreneurs in early stage companies.  Early stage is not necessarily a startup but a company that is past prototyping,... read more

Board Meetings with Swagger

Your Board of Directors is a tremendous asset.  Every single person in the room wants each of you to succeed wildly.  You are all investing your passion, time and often money with this shared faith in the team.   If the company (you) has done a great job choosing... read more

Reinventing Everything(?)

My brother is an old soul and likes to say “Stick to your knitting.”  But for an entrepreneur, that can be dangerous advice – maybe for you?  Because you LOVE to come up with a gazillion new ideas don’t you?   However, maybe he’s still not too far off.... read more

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

I was involved in a company that lost its way.  It was my fault.  I let investors drive culture and priorities, which led to an obscene amount of Board Room meetings.  At first this was exciting.  To have all these great minds, maniacally out-braining the guy or gal... read more

Build a Badass Operating Agreement

Entrepreneurship is in your blood.  It’s not something you were taught.  You were programmed at birth, it’s DNA.   You find crazy ways that feed your obsession.   When you read a menu, you start thinking about better ways to market the restaurant…a new way to order,... read more

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